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The Pelco KBD300A Keyboard are full-function, desktop keyboard controllers that can be used in a variety of applications. A barrel-type joystick provides precise pan and tilt control of fixed-speed and variable-speed receivers. Twisting the joystick clockwise or counterclockwise zooms the lens in or out.

Keys select cameras and monitors; operate presets, patterns, auxiliaries, and sequences; open and close the iris; zoom and focus the lens; and start and stop auto, frame, and random scanning.

The Pelco KBD300V Series includes a 5-inch (12.7 cm) color monitor with brightness and color controls. A tilt stand on the keyboard lifts the rear of the keyboard to improve the viewing angle of the monitor.

The keyboards can be used in two modes of operation: CM6700 Mode and Direct Mode.

In the first mode, the keyboard is plugged into a CM6700, CM6800 or CM9760-SAT Switcher/Controller Unit and is used to program and operate the SCU. The maximum number of keyboards per unit is eight (CM6700), sixteen (CM6800) or four (CM9760-SAT). You can use a combination of KBD300 and KBD300V Keyboards in a system, however, the number of KBD300V Keyboards in any CM6700/CM6800 system is limited by the number of available monitor outputs. In CM6700/CM6800 applications, the keyboard can control cameras connected directly to the SCU or through an MX4000 Series Genex Multiplexer.

If you do not need all the features of the CM6700/ CM6800 SCU, but want the same keyboard functionality, then one KBD300 or KBD300V Keyboard can be wired directly to camera receivers in the Direct Mode (KBDKIT required). Up to 16 receivers can be wired to a keyboard; however, a switcher such as an MS500 or VA6100, is required to route video to the monitor. Direct Mode uses two-wire control of receivers using Pelco’s P protocol.

The KBD300 Keyboard can also be used for on-screen programming of the CM9760-MDA Master Distribution Amplifier.

Spec Sheet in PDF format

Product Features
• Keyboard to Control:
– CM6700/CM6800/CM9760-SAT Matrix Switchers
– Genex® Multiplexer When Used with CM6700/CM6800
– Up to 16 Receivers Directly from Keyboard (such as Spectra® and Esprit™)
• Joystick Control of PTZ Functions
• Preset Position and Pattern Control
• Auxiliary Operation
• Auto/Random/Frame Scanning
• Programming of CM6700/CM6800/CM9760-SAT/CM9760-MDA
• KBD300-V Includes 5-inch (12.7 cm) Monitor


Pelco KBD300USBKIT KBD300A to USB Adapter Kit

The KBD300USBKIT is needed to connect the KBD300A keyboard to the DX-4500, 4600, 4700 or 4800 DVR for pan tilt zoom control

Pelco KBDKIT Keyboard Wiring Kit

Remote keyboard wiring kit.



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