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Security Design Services Corp. has designed and installed CCTV systems for 17 years. The information below was compiled by our technical and installation staff. We hope this section helps you select the correct products to suit your needs and answers your installation questions. If you have any suggestions for additional "how to" topics email us at how it works.

Typical Illumination Measurements

See the amount of available light in everyday scenes.

What Voltage Camera Should I Purchase ?

120VAC, 24VAC or 12VDC

How Switchers, Quads & Multiplexers Work

Lens Selection Guide

A guide to selecting the proper lens.

Field of View Samples & Calculator

See actual lens views at a specific distance.

Cable Specification Guide

Description of cable terms

Power Problems FAQ

Power Supply Considerations

Tech notes to help you choose the correct power supply

Splitting/Amplifying the Video Signal

Digital RF Modulators

Put the camera video on any available TV or cable channel.

Connector Attachment

Solving Ground Loop Problems

Typical Illumination Measurements

See the amount of available light in everyday scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Infrared Illuminators

World Video Standards by Country


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