Click to enlargePelco ERD2200 Outdoor Coaxitron Receiver

The Pelco ERD2200 Receiver operates all of Pelco’s fixed speed pan/tilts and domes. This receiver offers removable screw terminal connectors for quick and easy installation. Power and communication indicators are provided for troubleshooting purposes. The ERD2200 works with standard and extended Coaxitron controllers, including the CM6700/7500/8500/9500, KBD9000, MPT9000/9500, and MX4000.

With Coaxitron control, pan/tilt and lens control signals are transmitted over the video coaxial cable, saving wiring costs. The control data is superimposed on the vertical blanking interval of the video signal. Standard features include pan/tilt control (including auto and random scan), camera power, lens control (zoom, iris, and focus), and two auxiliary outputs. The receiver also can be used with the LRD41TLC Test Local Control module, which allows on-site testing and troubleshooting of system functions. The TLC module plugs into the receiver and operates off the receiver’s power. Use the TLC to check pan/ tilt functions (up, down, left, and right), iris open/close, focus near/far, and zoom telephoto/wide angle.

The outdoor model accepts either 120 or 230 VAC input. It supplies 24 VAC for camera power, 24, 120, or 230 VAC for pan/tilt operation, and 120 or 230 VAC for heater, blower, or defroster accessories inside the camera enclosure.

Spec Sheet in PDF format

Product Features:

• Outdoor Model
• Coaxitron Compatible
• Pan/Tilt Control, Including Auto and Random Scan
• Lens Control (Zoom, Focus, Iris)
• Camera Power (24 VAC )
• Enclosure Power (Outdoor Model Only)
• Two Auxiliary Outputs
• NTSC or PAL Video
• Test Local Control Capability
• Ground Isolated BNCs (Eliminates Ground Loops)
• Video Transient Protection
• Power and Communication Indicator LEDs
• Lockable Enclosure (Outdoor Model Only)



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